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Wordless Wednesday: Bailey Doesn’t Like The Rain

by Tammy Taylor


03-15 Bailey in the rain #TaylorMadeRanch

MAN that girl doesn’t like the rain! I’ll open the door for her & she’ll bounce outside, go to the end of the porch, see it’s raining & just refuse. Next time I look up I see this cute face in the window as if saying “Nope, I’m good, I can wait!”

Do your dogs hate to go out in the rain too?


Safety From The Storm – Part II: Outfitting Your Storm Shelter

by Tammy Taylor

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Last week I wrote about how important it was for me to have an underground storm shelter installed. It’s close to our home at the ranch to be able to stay safe when tornado season hits.  There were many considerations for us to make for the actual installation.  If you’re considering an underground storm shelter I urge you to read Safety From The Storm – Part I: Seeking Shelter.  But now that our shelter has been installed, what do we stock it with?  I polled our wonderful  Facebook followers and they were so helpful (as they always are).  Using their suggestions as a guide, here’s what we decided would be stocked into our shelter.

Now that we have our underground storm shelter installed, what should we stock it with? Read how we decided what items should be included. #TaylorMadeHomestead


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Safety From The Storm – Part I: Seeking Shelter

by Tammy Taylor


When RancherMan & I built our home here on the ranch I was pretty adamant that I wanted an underground storm shelter.  I mean, I was born & at least partially raised in Central Oklahoma, and although I loved it there I considered it tornado ally.  I remember many stormy tornado-warning nights that my parents would awake me and my siblings and place us in the hallway for safety from the potential hazards should a tornado come too close.  They’d often bring along our blankets & pillows hoping we’d be comforted and maybe go right back to sleep there in the hallway so we wouldn’t be anxious.  But anxious I was as a very young child.  And it’s funny how those emotions carry with you into adulthood.  Even today although I absolutely love the rolling thunder and am awestruck by thick dark clouds, when the wind kicks up I nervously pace.  And if it kicks up a lot I’m almost inconsolable.  Thankfully RancherMan can soothe me most times but when you hear your tiny city mentioned on that radio followed by the words “Take Cover IMMEDIATELY”…   Well, I needed more than soothing – I needed SAFETY from the storm!

Safety From the Storm - Part I: Shelter See How We Decided On An Underground Tornado Shelter #TaylorMadeHomestead


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Tumble-Back Tuesday: Inexpensive Solar Screens

by Tammy Taylor

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Well happy day, it’s Tumble-Back Tuesday – where we reach back in the blog archives for a post that has proved very popular with our readers & bring it back to the surface for you to enjoy. How timely that today I’m thinking about protecting our home from that searing summer heat.  Here in the blistering heat of a NE Texas summer the high cost of keeping your home cool can be a budget buster.  RancherMan & I have discovered the magic of our inexpensive homemade * solar screens to keep the sun’s heat outside where it belongs.  Yep, it’s made quite a difference to the heat the sun usually transfers through those windows and I love the way they make our home look.  Check it out.

We Made These Solar Screens Ourselves And They've Made SUCH A Difference In Our Electric Bill!  #TaylorMadeRanch

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* A word about our Affiliate Link – We are currently enrolled as an Amazon Affiliate.  Occasionally I will insert an affiliate link into one of my posts if I think it may be of interest to you.  I  receive nothing from the manufacturer, but I love our solar screens & thought you might too. If you click on any of my affiliate links and buy something (almost anything, not just what was linked) I get a small referral percentage from Amazon.  But here’s the really important part – the price you pay for your items is UNCHANGED.
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Veggie Garden Update: May

by Tammy Taylor

May is a great month for veggie gardening in NE Texas.  The temps haven’t heated up too drastically and there’s still spring rains swinging through each week so you don’t typically have to struggle quite as much with your garden maintenance workload.  C’mon and walk with me through the garden & let’s see what’s “growing” on these days.

May is a great month for the garden - walk with me through the veggie garden & let's see what's growing on! #TaylorMadeRanch

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A Day At the Ranch

by Tammy Taylor

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I’m often asked what a typical day looks like when you’re both living and working on a ranch.  Well I can say in all honesty that it’s NEVER boring!  It’s funny how it’s near impossible to plan with certainty what a day in our lives will look like – there are so many variables like weather, cattle illness, fence issues, etc.  But c’mon and tag along today & I’ll show ya what a typical day looks like for us here in our Northeast Texas paradise.

Come Along With Me & See What A Day At The Ranch Looks LIke! #TaylorMadeRanch

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